Chief White Cap(CWP) Dog Park or as the city calls it - “Master Plan Development Process”

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Chief White Cap(CWP) Dog Park  or as the city calls it - “Master Plan Development Process” Empty Chief White Cap(CWP) Dog Park or as the city calls it - “Master Plan Development Process”

Post  Desjardo on Fri Aug 28, 2009 3:50 pm

I just found this Dog park and it is absolutely amazing...It is places like this that separate Saskatoon from all other cities in Canada! The place is full of birds, flowers, trees, beavers and much to mnay species to list. I read over 180 species of bird!
The problem is the city would love to develop this land.

January 18, 2007: City Council passes “Master Plan Development Process”, a 15 point process,written by Roxane Melnyk. The first 7 steps are outlined below
a) Identify all user and stakeholder interests;
b) Document and verify all user and stakeholder interests;
c) List interests into incompatible, compatible with some compromise, and compatible use categories;
d) Address incompatible uses (eg water intake and use of park as dog run)
i. Attempt reconciliation between interests to reach some form of a compromise
ii. If (i.) not successful, bring both positions forward to decision-making authority to either select one use over another or receive direction to find a compromise.
e) Once the incompatible uses have been addressed, Stantec will be advised to develop one or more master plan conceptual drawings that incorporate the remaining compatible uses, including those where a compromise has been considered;
f) Present conceptual design drawings to the Steering Committee who will ensure that documented interests are properly reflected within these master plan options;
g) Present master plan options to the public and to the stakeholders through an open house process to get reaction to the proposals;. Further points go on to point (o)

This article goes on and on and on.... I spent hours reading and it seems to boil down to one thing - money.
I read articles posted both by rolo and the city council and in my opinion it is very very clear they are going to develop this wildlife oasis if something isn't done.
They originally tried stating the park should be closed off to pets due to contamination of the river...Are you serious? I have seen the river fiull of human waste twice since moving here in March and they think dogs are going to contaminate the river? wow.
After proving this to be untrue through money wasting test's(our tax money) they decided to take a new route to get the dogs out of there.
July 30, 2008 - 5th Master Plan Meeting - Paul Panchuk attends. From Paul’s notes:
1) ROLO requests the minutes from the last meeting to be amended to include the
presentation and documentation handed out about ROLO’s water study - this request is ignored
2) Committee chair asks what activities are to be considered at the park - MVA brings up their concern that off-leash dogs are a detrimental impact on birds and vegetation
3) Committee members are asked to prepare any changes to our document requests and guidelines for what programming will be allowed in the park for the next meeting:

Are they serious? Birds and wildlife? What birds and wildlife will be afftected more by an off leash park than groomed ski trails, and a shooting range... I think this is completely insane and am going to look more into this matter. I hope we can get more support for the ext meeting which I will post as soon as possible...
Really confused about rifle range in wildlife conservation area/day camp? I hope this is a historical site and not something they want to build...
Rolo Version Of Future Park
City's Proposed Master Plan

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